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Recognition of hollywood celebrities do hot scenes

Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst, who is currently promoting her film entitled "The Beguiled, speaking of hot scene rehearsal. Kirsten confesses, each time doing the scene, he just wants to rapid completion.

Starting his acting career since the 7 year old, Kirsten has appeared in various films, including showing the area intimnya. Although the required professional, Kirsten does not always like it.

"I don't like it, I don't like. To be honest, I was (thinking) like, ' Let's do this as quickly as possible ', "said the former actress Mary Jane in Spiderman that when asked the question melakoni hot scene with her new, opposite Colin Farrell.

Kirsten also said, Director Sofia Coppola enough support to finish the scene was quickly. Unlike the majority of men who took the Director's angle from various angles, Sofia, according to Kirsten, just highlight all and end it. Meanwhile, actor Colin Farrell said is also very careful in melakoni scene actress wh…
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6 Hollywood stars become victims of crime

Live artist-owned Hollywood seems to indeed make envious. With the convenience of a glamorous lifestyle and make some people hoping to become famous and successful artist.

But Hollywood artist also turned out to be an ordinary person. They also often face a nightmare in their life, especially when experiencing the unfortunate incident.

Artis Hollywood also became the target of acts of crime, making life uneasy. Some of them even as a victim of evil people do not take any responsibility.

Sadly, when the artist became a victim of Hollywood criminality, it was made public by the object. They jump into the spotlight. Really unfortunate, the life of Hollywood artist who had been a victim of crime until there is a loss of lives.

Anyone of them? How their condition?

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, legendary singer until today. As an artist, Frank Sinatra was rumored to be associated with the mafia in America. Finally, the family of Frank Sinatra became a target.

In 1963, prompting Frank Sinatra…